• The Holy Communion

    The Holy Communion is an act of worship and thanksgiving that should be participated in and done by churches, gatherings and families in accordance to Christ's word (Luke 22:19) "To do this (the Holy Communion) in remembrance of Him" in order to thank God for sending His Son, thank Jesus for giving His life and to show our unity (oneness) with God... but why?

  • Is listening to secular music bad?

    - Is all secular music bad?
    - Am I saying that secular musicians are not talented?
    - What about secular musicians that are believers?
    - But secular music is better than Christian music
    - Why music... why not tv, games, etc?
    The Bible says to not be equally yoked with unbelievers (2 Corinthians 6:14)... and listening to secular music makes you...

    Is listening to secular music bad
  • Why didn't you tell them about Jesus?

    Hell is real. It is your responsibility (as well as mine) to tell those who do not know about where people without Christ are headed. We will be held responsible for not sharing our faith... for being disobedient. Your salvation is not meant to be mysterious; Everyone should know. Not fulfilling the Great Commission is disobedience to...

  • Worshiping God is more than lifting y...

    Worshiping God, being in the Spirit, feeling God's presence is much much more than lifting your hands up. Some do so because they think it is the right thing to do in God's Presence, others because they see people doing so, and others, for many more wrong reasons: Pride, hypocrisy, etc, or the right ones: adoration, joy, etc. When should you lift your hands up though?

  • Do not take God's glory

    Don't take God's glory. Never do. God gives you gifts, skills and talents, so the world can see, be amazed and through your giving Him glory, lead people back to Him. This is a reminder, one that I've needed to remind myself over and over again... Do not take God's glory or He will take it back...



This add-on extends the functionality of the “Alt tab” shortcut for switching between tabs by making it 3D. If you don’t have this add-on already and you love 3D effects that won’t “eat” your RAM, then install this add-on.


This add-on adds a bunch of accessibility upgrades or improvements to firefox. This is my favorite firefox add-on, it has the features of some 3 or more individual add-ons put together and more. My favorite features of this add-on include: the automatically loading of the next page of any website that has many pages without my having to click next page/page #, displays a thumbnail of websites when you search in Google and lots more.


As the name says, it simply blocks annoying unnecessary ads from showing on a website when it loads. This is a must have for anyone with a not-so-fast internet connection because such ads take forever to load, therefore “eating” your bandwidth.


I love firefox, but no matter how good any software is, it’s not perfect and neither is firefox. Luckily the only imperfection firefox has is the download window that pops-up when you download anything. This add-on conveniently replaces the download window with a compact and nice status bar that doesn’t open in a window, nice huh? Give it a try and you’ll get a good picture of how useful it is.


A so sweet feature of Google, g-translate now easily accessible from the right-click menu of firefox when installed.


Now you do not need to go to mail.google.com to check your mail. If you install this add-on, you can check everything from your inbox to drafts, including your account settings easily.

Click the link below to install and/or read more about this add-on.


Another extremely cute 3D add-on for firefox for 3D fans like me. Coolris allows you to view any batch/group of images on an infinite 3D wall. Coolris is very customizable and works on many popular websites e.g Google images, facebook, etc to view images. You can even do a Google image search and view the results directly in coolris.


WOT (Website Of Trust)
This add-on extends or adds to the already nice website/online security features of the latest firefox. It helps identify fraudulent websites that firefox probably didn’t recognize as dangerous. It’s a must have for everyone using credit-cards a lot on the internet.


A very very creative and useful add-on for posting on/updating your profile on twitter without having to go to twitter.com. While doing anything on twitter, simply just type what you wanna post on twitter in the address bar and add “—post” to the end of the post and hit “Enter” and it goes to twitter. This is just 1 method of posting that you can use with this add-on on for twitter.


FEBE(Firefox Environment Backup Extension)
Finally, let’s say, you’ve installed many add-ons and other extensions to firefox and maybe you wanna install them on a new pc, laptop, etc, it’s gonna be hectic to search for all your add-ons to install from scratch. So, instead, you install this add-on which helps you backup all your extensions and helps you even create....(use the link below to read more about this add-on). So, this is a very important add-on for firefox.


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