• The Holy Communion

    The Holy Communion is an act of worship and thanksgiving that should be participated in and done by churches, gatherings and families in accordance to Christ's word (Luke 22:19) "To do this (the Holy Communion) in remembrance of Him" in order to thank God for sending His Son, thank Jesus for giving His life and to show our unity (oneness) with God... but why?

  • Is listening to secular music bad?

    - Is all secular music bad?
    - Am I saying that secular musicians are not talented?
    - What about secular musicians that are believers?
    - But secular music is better than Christian music
    - Why music... why not tv, games, etc?
    The Bible says to not be equally yoked with unbelievers (2 Corinthians 6:14)... and listening to secular music makes you...

    Is listening to secular music bad
  • Why didn't you tell them about Jesus?

    Hell is real. It is your responsibility (as well as mine) to tell those who do not know about where people without Christ are headed. We will be held responsible for not sharing our faith... for being disobedient. Your salvation is not meant to be mysterious; Everyone should know. Not fulfilling the Great Commission is disobedience to...

  • Worshiping God is more than lifting y...

    Worshiping God, being in the Spirit, feeling God's presence is much much more than lifting your hands up. Some do so because they think it is the right thing to do in God's Presence, others because they see people doing so, and others, for many more wrong reasons: Pride, hypocrisy, etc, or the right ones: adoration, joy, etc. When should you lift your hands up though?

  • Do not take God's glory

    Don't take God's glory. Never do. God gives you gifts, skills and talents, so the world can see, be amazed and through your giving Him glory, lead people back to Him. This is a reminder, one that I've needed to remind myself over and over again... Do not take God's glory or He will take it back...


I believe that shortcuts were made for a reason and that is to make life easy (that’s why they’re called shortcuts). In Photoshop, the shortcuts I use help speed up the design process for me. So, I’m forever using shortcuts, not just in Photoshop but in every program I’m using.
The following are the shortcuts I use most frequently:

“Ctrl S”- The universal “Save” shortcut across many programs
“Ctrl N”- Everybody probably knows this one… create a “New” document
“Ctrl Shift N”- Create a new layer
“Ctrl Alt Z”- Step back (undo)
“Ctrl Shift Z” – Step forward(redo)
“Ctrl Shift I” – Selects the inverse of the selected image
“Ctrl +” – Zoom in
“Ctrl –“ –Zoom out
“Ctrl Tab”- Moves to the next Photoshop window or document open
“Ctrl W” - Closes the current window or document open
“Ctrl Shift S” – Saves the document… “Save as..”
“Ctrl E” – Merges selected layers
“Shift F5” – Opens the dialog box/window for you to fill the layer with a color
“Tab” – Hides every palette in the Photoshop workspace except the document or file open
“D” – resets swatches(the foreground and background colors) to black and white respectively
“F” – Fullscreen mode. Press “F” again and again until you get the fullscreen mode you like

The following are not exactly shortcuts, they just help in speeding up your work.

To duplicate a layer(or an image):
Select the image, press and hold “Alt” then click on the image in the window and drag it from its current position.

To open a document (or file) fast:
When you open Photoshop, double click on the blank workspace and the “Open” dialog/window should appear… then open.

Moving images faster in a document:
Select the image or object you want to move, press and hold “Shift” and move it around with the arrow keys on your keyboard.

When you transform an image (that is to either increase the size, reduce the size, distort, etc), press “Enter” to apply the transformation, or “esc” to make the image go to its previous state.

When you’re typing or editing a typed text in Photoshop, when you’re through, press “Ctrl Enter” to save your edited or typed text, or “esc” to return the text to its previous state.

Also, make a habit of using the shortcut letters for the tools e.g. “V” for the Move tool, “W” for the Magic Wand tool, “U” for the Shape tool, etc.

Those are my favourites. Know any cool tips, or want to see some cool tips here, contact me.

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